In order to minister in prisons and youth detention centers for Prisoners for Christ, each member must provide information to allow a background check to be performed.

  PFC One Time Visitor WorkSheet.doc (57.5 KiB, 951 hits)

Every member must fill out this document.

  WSP - Facility Clearance Form BADGES FOR OUTSIDE GUESTS.doc (72.0 KiB, 939 hits)

Every member going on an Eastern Washington (EWA) ministry trip or otherwise wanting to minister at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla must fill this document out.

  CA-MT Application Booking Agent - Part 2.doc (113.5 KiB, 933 hits)

This document is what needs to be filled out by the team for each ministry trip, whether it is a single facility or a multi-day ministry trip.

  Guidelines for Creative Arts Teams.pdf (565.5 KiB, 917 hits)

Provides guidelines for behavior while in institutions.